The Alde provides protection against a number of diseases that can be prevented with immunization. Therefore, in addition to the vaccination of children, we offer the main vaccines available in the market for adolescents, adults and the elderly.

Those who do not get vaccinated do not only put their own health at risk, but also that of their relatives and others with whom they have contact, in addition to contributing to increase the circulation of diseases. Taking vaccines is the best way to protect yourself from a variety of serious diseases and their complications, which can even lead to death.

Most vaccine-preventable illnesses are transmitted by contact with contaminated objects or when the patient sneezes, coughs or talks as they expel small droplets containing the infectious agents. Thus, if an individual is infected, it can transmit the disease to others who have also not been immunized.

Thanks to vaccination, there was a dramatic drop in the incidence of diseases that used to kill thousands of people every year until the middle of the last century – such as whooping cough, measles, polio and rubella. But even under control today, they can quickly become an epidemic once people stop vaccinating.

Vaccines are Safe and Effective

Vaccines are produced using the micro-organisms of the disease itself, leaving them inactive or attenuated (with their reduced infectious potential). In this way the body does not develop the disease, but becomes ready to fight it if necessary.

All licensed vaccine for use has gone through several stages of evaluation, ensuring its safety. They also go through the evaluation of rigid regulatory institutes. In Brazil, this function rests with the National Health Surveillance Agency (Anvisa). Some people may have mild side effects after taking a vaccine, such as pain at the injection site and low fever.

Vaccines right for each phase

In addition to taking the children to be vaccinated, it is crucial to be aware of which ones to take. The Ministry of Health has a specific vaccination schedule for newborns and children, as well as for pre-adolescents and adolescents, adults, the elderly; And even for pregnant women. Ask your doctor for more information.